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The Global Action Research Centre

The Global Action Research Center (The Global ARC) has strengthened its partnership with the UC San Diego Urban Studies and Planning Program (USP) by focusing on the issue of food justice. UC San Diego USP is coordinating the UC Global Food Initiative and has invited The Global ARC to join this effort.

The Global ARC has developed a food-related project located in South East San Diego called the Ocean View Growing Grounds (OVGG). The 22,000-square-foot property, conceived in 2012, is being converted into a Community Garden and Learning Center that will service the Ocean View Community.

The partnership with USP creates an opportunity for the mutual benefit of both the university and the neighborhood residents by establishing a bi-directional learning system for faculty, students, scientists and community residents. The project development will happen in three phases over a two-year period. 

Theory of Change

The ultimate goal of the Ocean View Growing Grounds is to contribute to the building of a knowledgeable, healthy, connected community that has a thriving core economy and is connected to the wider food justice movement.   Our Theory of Change is designed to identify the ultimate outcomes the project is designed to achieve, the conditions that need to exist in order for those outcomes to be achieved and the interventions that are designed to bring about the conditions.

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